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About us

Teisingas klausimasYou arrive to a state authority in order to find out the required information or find the answer to your question. You are sent from one office to another, and finally to another authority. You are asked to fill in the application, and later you find out that you have chosen a wrong one or you have made some mistakes and you need to fill the new one for submission. Probably, everyone has experienced such situation.

The aim of TEISINGAS KLAUSIMAS is to help people and companies avoid such situations and stress as well as save precious time, wind-ups and money. We will help you find out the answer to your question and solve a problem by sending it to the right authority, in the required form, and receive the answer within the shortest time stipulated by the legislation.

The team of TEISINGAS KLAUSIMAS will help you find the answer to your questions from state authorities within the shortest possible time through minimum efforts.

Teisingas klausimas

Our goal

We are here to help you send the right question in the complicated labyrinths of state authorities and get the required answer within the shortest time possible.

Teisingas klausimas


To become an organization, which is the first point contacted by every resident and company facing a problem.

Teisingas klausimas


The leading organization and popular expert in the field of consulting throughout Lithuania and abroad.

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